The story started with Nick and Theo. Their business venture was not started by their relationship as good friends. Quite the opposite because they were each other’s greatest rival. It was a fierce rivalry the world had ever seen with their ammunition being chili, chowders, flour, and other kitchen condiments.

They join contests where they usually remain to be the last men to stand, neither wanting to concede defeat. Like any honorable man, both always give it their all with nothing to spare. They pour their strength into chopping bits of pieces of meat and veggies like ninjas. Both always ready with their tasting spoon even if they do this covered in blood and food particles. It is not surprising if you’d be able to compare them with warriors of old as they go through the process of creating amazing dishes the world has ever known.

What is significant however is that the amount of effort they put in every dish; the way they recreate these food with their personal touch and experimental ingredients to wow the audience even more.

In the end, it was not the competition that matters, but the new recipe they manage to introduce to their avid followers in the process. Their passion in cooking was also what brought them together – what led them to create the FOOD EXPERIMENTS. And now, it is already on its way to its 5th year. And counting!

The primary reason why they thought of this venture is to let people experience what they had, first hand. Also, to give them the opportunity to share their talents to the world, not to mention their good food.

When not working as hosts to this regular Thursday shows being aired at YouTube, both are busy with their individually own restaurants in Arizona.