Q: How do I sign up to compete?

A: You sign up with us to compete. Then we send you an invitation if your entry qualifies with us. Be sure that the dish you will enter in the competition is original and not gotten from any site. If we have proven that the recipe is not your own, you’ll be disqualified and not anymore given any chances in the future.

Q: How much food should I bring?

A: Be sure that the food samples would accommodate 250-300 people. This would be distributed to the audience for sampling. Bites size samples is enough as long as you can ensure that all the flavors are there and every part of the dish could be evenly tasted by the judges. These dishes could come with you prepared already, but during the competition, you need to cook it again under a given time frame. You can have an assistant help you with the food prep. Only one assistant is allowed per contestant.

During the contest proper, we always encourage the participants to cook as if it’d be their last. This contest may make or break you, so better give it your all. Also, take into your heart that “first impressions do last” so better create a look that would wow the crowd.

Q: What supplies do we provide for you?

A: Chafing dishes, steno, paper towels, and rubber gloves are the basics that we provide. We also provide electric gas stove, oven, and toaster, and griller for the occasion. You could send us an email for other cooking requirements you have and we’ll check if we could provide it for you. But definitely, you could bring your own cooking materials. Your serving utensils are your own. However, eating utensils for audience are provided.