I would just like to thank these two chefs who have helped me a lot in preparing delicious food for my family. Before, it used to be take away food for our dinner or asking my mom to prepare large batches of food that I can just heat over the whole week. But now, I am proud to say that I am the one cooking for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They may not be fancy meals but my family finds them delicious and nutritious. It makes my heart sing because I used to know nothing about cooking but now, I am earning praises from family and friends for my cooking. And it is all because of Chefs Theo and Nick. I watch your videos all the time. You guys inspired me to start cooking. You make delicious food look for easy to prepare. I thank you both for all the helpful tips. It was truly a fun experience learning how to cook – starting from the basic cooking skills like frying and steaming and trying out baking and the more complicated dishes. It was really just supposed to be an experiment that turned out to be successful.

My pantry now is always stocked with different ingredients that I can use to cook my family’s favorite foods. They like your recipe for baked salmon and your pasta recipes as well. I especially love cooking the beef and beetroot burgers, oven roasted pulled pork with sweet and spicy sauce, chicken and arugula cacio e Pepe, pancetta and brussels sprouts linguini, and chicken pesto. My kids love the barbeque glazed pork chops, grilled hotdogs with different side dishes, and the kiwi and chicken mayo wraps. Sometimes it is exhausting to cook different dishes but since it became my passion, I really do not mind it at all. Most of all, I am doing it for my family who is really the main reason why I decided to pursue cooking. It puts a smile on my face whenever I see my husband get second or third servings of the food that I cooked. My mind is also at ease knowing that I used the freshest and healthiest ingredients for the food that my children are eating. Now, they prefer to eat at home rather than dining out. They say they could eat all the food that they like without having to spend a  lot. I would also like to thank Chefs Theo and Nick because I won some fancy cookware during your raffle at Kingsdale Market District! I just asked my husband to accompany me there so that I can see you prepare the dishes live in person. I could not believe my luck when you picked my name for the giveaway! Aside from the cooking wares, I also won a gift certificate from the Accident Law Group which I am sure would be very useful for our family. Thank you again, Chefs Theo and Nick of The Food Experiments!  May you inspire more moms out there to cook sumptuous meals for their families.