Get to witness up close and personal The Food Experiment showdown every week. Just come out to Kingsdale Market District and you can have the chance to watch your most favorite hosts of all times – Nick and Theo.

Schedule for this month are as follows:

Wednesday starting at 2PM in the afternoon

Wednesday starting at 5PM for food tasting

Get a chance to be our guest tester every week. We pick this randomly from the crowd and ausienxe we have during the main event. Your name would be drawn from the drop box we have at all corners of the Kingsdale Market District. So do not forget to drop your name together with your address and signature.

We give generous take aways for our guests to try starting with cook wares and  gifts from our sponsors. You can also take home cash prizes if you answer right some questions we’d ask during the show. Be the first to taste new recipes before they are up for grab in the market. Get a taste of your traditional favorites with a twist.

We also randomly pick out a guest judge from the audience every week. The task is simple – to pick out the best recreated recipe from the competitors. Showcase your culinary repertoire by doing the food tasting as part of the show. If you are not picked up, you still have the chance because the audience have the right to vote their favorites. This is by the impression made by the techniques shown by the two opposing cooks.

Interested in joining the competition? You can do that to. Just send to us an email today with attached original recipe of your choice. Tell us how you gave it your own touch and why you like the competition. Then just wait for us to invite you to be one of our contestants today!